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What Is The World Coming To?!

We often hear things like:
  • “What is the world coming to?!”
  • “Things were so much better and safer in the ‘good ole days’.”
I am not sure this is true. Have you read the book of Judges? Genesis? Have you read history books?
I think the issue is that our hearts were not made to know about such sadness and sin and death happening all over the world all at once.
Imagine you didn’t have a cell phone, the Internet, home phone, television, or computer. Imagine you just lived in your town, on your block, or out in your field with only knowledge of local town gossip or tragedy (picture Little House on the Prairie). How much “terrible news” would you be bombarded with daily?
I can tell you what I would have heard so far today if I didn’t have access to all those electronics/the news: *crickets chirping*

Instead I know about:

  • A mass shooting that took place in Florida.
  • A little boy who was killed by an alligator.
  • A man who was killed while in Texas because he took someone hostage at a Walmart in TX.

I remember a brief period of time when I watched the news daily and I was so discouraged…and afraid! Facebook in many ways has become the news for me. Now I often choose not to click on “that link” or watch “that video” that will weigh my heart down with more bad news.

nothingnewIf you are feeling depressed and “fed up with society” just remember evil has existed since Eve ate the fruit and will continue to exist until Christ returns. Maybe turn off Facebook and the news and look out your own window to see what kind of news you are meant to behold.

Tragedy will come our way no matter what. But we don’t have to be so emotionally involved in what is happening all over the world outside of our reach that our hearts are constantly weighed down.

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2 thoughts on “What Is The World Coming To?!

  1. Wow, this post is SO appropriate for me right now!! I have been discussing this very subject with my husband for several days now – the fact that God did not intend for human beings to know every jot and tittle of all of the evil, suffering, etc., going on in the entire world every day. He really didn’t. And not only does all of that produce depression and anxiety in us when we expose ourselves to too much of it, but it also takes our attention off of our local situation – the place where God has placed us so that we can actually DO something about bad situations (helping with meal support for a sick family, etc.) instead of stressing over situations far away where we really can’t help in a meaningful way.

    I actually left Facebook for this very reason (causing me so much stress and anxiety over world events, and causing relationship damage when I found out things about others that I didn’t want to know), and just this morning I unsubscribed from some blogs for the same reason. To be a good mama and wife, I cannot be consumed with anxiety and stress. And I don’t like the way my spirit tends toward negativity, criticism, and sarcasm when I dive into these events and debates too much. There are several more blogs that I need to axe when I get the guts to do it. 🙂

    Anyhow, all that to say – great post! Thank you!!

    1. great points Diana! thanks for stopping by!

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