These are the services I offer.


I do some mean lawnmowing.

Weed Eating

I weed eat like nobody’s business.


I can put an edge on anything.


My blowing will blow you away.


I trim more than barbers.


Well let me first say that i’m a real character. I mean i’m funny, fast, encouraging, and very athletic. Oh and don’t let me forget that I am very nice to my older sister. I love any sports(basketball, football, baseball.), but most importantly I love God and I hope to some day own a professional landscaping business, and have a family with as many kids as God wants to give me

My Parents

SCOTT/ dad

Our dad thinks that he is funnier then he really is. He may not have a heart for dad jokes, but he has a great heart for the Lord, he is the best pastor i’v ever known, and he is by far the best dad i’v ever had.


Our mom is the most hard working woman that I know, and the most hard working mom I have ever had. we love her and she is by far a better mom then our dad is.

My Siblings


Well Johnny is basically like me, the only times that he’s not like me is when he isn’t. We both love to wrestle, and Johnny also likes basketball, baseball, and Frisbee. Johnny wants to grow a dog breading business, and bread golden doodles, and even though he may love animals, Johnny loves the Lord most of all(I hope.).


Noah. He is very cute.(mostly because he never wheres his shirt) As far as Christianity goes, I don’t know if he loves the Lord just yet, but hey you never know.


Oh man…Rhea, she’s a literal character. Right now as I am writing about her, she going through a teenager stage in her life.In other words, Rhea likes to do art, play Frisbee, act, go to church because she knows that her friends will be their, but most importantly her favorite thing to do is to talk about the Lord to her friends every Sunday. She is also the most giving girl I know.


Charis is very interactive. She likes fashion, sports, such as a sport that she made up, and it’s called the anytime that two people walk by you ride as fast as you can on your roller blades right in between them sport. It’s a bit of a long name but it kinda describes the sport itself. Another thing that she likes to do is run for Christ. What i’m mean by that is that she really likes taking goody bags to people with gospel tracks in them(the UPS drivers).


Our mom thinks that Chloe is the perfect child. our mom talks about her every meal, but i know that one great day, Chloe is going to slip up. It’s kinda like Jesus and the Pharisees. The only difference is that Jesus is perfect. Chloe is also a very gentle(sometimes) and cute little girl, and her favorite things to do are, going to our aunts house, playing with our cousins, going to church because she knows that one boy in particular will be their, and sitting at the dining table waiting to see what our mom is going to say about her next.


Ruby thinks that she is the cutest girl in the world, and she is…well second to Lydia. And that’s why she can get away with her wrongs, like hurting Lydia and having the I didn’t do anything expression on her face.


Lydia is the cutest baby in the world, and she is pretty perfect…or is she? Well she was up until two days ago. Suddenly I realized that she had pulled a chair over to the table(where it already was)and started shoving brownies whole into her mouth. But what can I say, baby’s might go through immeasurable lengths to get to chocolate… or just to stand up on a chair. But she still is the cutest baby in the world….even if she’s not perfect.