Hello, my name is Johnny and I am one of nine kids . Yes that’s right there is nine kids in my family. well how about I tell you a little about my family. Well almost every Monday night we play games but games are only one of my family’s hobbies so how about we talk about my siblings.

So today I will be talking about my friends my beliefs and my hobbies

My Parents

My Dad, Scott

My dad is funny and is a pastor at are church he the most dedicated pastor I no. He’s also the most dedicated dad I no. Before he was a pastor he was a teaacher for kids. He been the pastor of woodland christian church for eleven years i was six months old when we came to washington so that my dad could be the pastor of woodland christian church or as I like to call it wcc. When my parent’s came here they thaught that i would be there last child but the church changed there mined and theve had six kids sense.

My Mom, Katie

Are mom’s can do so much more stuff then we kids can do and that make’s no sent’s but I bet it well make sent’s some day when I get older. well my mom is the best mom I could ever have and I bet all you say your mom’s the best to.

My Siblings


Well my sister rhea is loving giving and are family’s baby’s siter she also loves playing games and has her own craft and business she’s fourteen and soon will be fifteen. She’s the most giving person I no. She’s always geting new ideas in that head of hers, she’s the oldest kid in our family. And always easy to look up to.


My brother wants to be as funny as me. Ricky is my older brother he is fun to be around he also is fun to wrestle with. And every time I loose but for some riesen I think i can beat him.


Well you know me well actually you don’t so that’s why im telly about me. You know im that goofy funny kids that’s also able to relate. Well thats in your apenion thow, the church i go to is great cause it’s like a big family that’s always able to trust eachother all the kids in the church eachother and are always fun to hang around.


Charis is my younger sister she is loving giving and has never ben shy and she is never going be. She’s that girl that is always trying to make new friends and it doesn’t mater how old or young they are.


Chloe is also my younger sister she is so nice I guess it just run in family.


Noah is funny always running around doing something goofy and is sensitive. The thing I like about my younger brother Noah is that he all was talking to me even wen I have been me to him.


Ruby is cut little and does not like me and does not like any buddy else well accept rhea and my mom. She’s three and really shy.


Lydia is my favorite sibling but don’t tell any buddy I said that she is funny in her own way and will all way’s be that way. She’s alot more smart then you think she is you are trying to find her ore her favorite blanking, she goes criasy without.

Baby gorge

My mom names my little brother after the missionary gorge muller when she read the book about him she was inspired when she told my dad that she was going to name him that he thaught she was joking well she wasen’t cause now i have a six month old little brother named gorge muller lapierre yah i now his mittle name is muller.

My Three Favorite Things

  1. My first favorite thing’s is sketching robots cars and animals .
  2. my second favorite thing to do is ride my bike in the summer because I can ride with my friend’s and ride my bike at family camp and if you don’t now what beach camp is it . It is a fun camp that my hole church to it and it’s also fun because you don’t do no home work .
  3. my third favorite thing to do is just playing with my friend’s like wen we play sprout tag if you don’t now what that is it is a fun game where every butty is it .

My Three Favorite Bible Verse

Im not able to choose a favorite bible verse yet, im still thinking I always find bible verses so inspiraring .

When I Get Older

When i get older i wan’t to be a loving farther and great spose to my wife I wan’t my children to be able to look up to me. I haven’t chose what I will be when I get older but I hope that if you keep following god and my parent’s i will be able to find a perfect job just for me.