My Parents

My Dad, Scott

My dad has the funniest jokes in the world!Well at least the funniest person I know.Do you have a funny dad?One of many jokes he told me was I mustache you a question but i’ll shave it for later.Get it? My dad Leaves sometimes in the morning. Sometimes We get to say buy.He sell;s book’s for his job. So if your a family that want’s to read a christian book then look on amazon and if your lucky then you will find it. And he’s a preacher in woodland woshington the name is woodland christian church. He’s also is on YouTube. Just type in Scott

My Mom, Katie

My mom work’s very very hard.She work’s day and even night!In-fact I don’t know any body else that work’s so hard!And if you think that’s hard you should see how hard she work’s when were sick!It’s amazing!If we ask for something she races right through the house!But I think she likes being a mother.In the one

My Siblings


My sister rhea is very very patient with me.You can trust me with that.It’s amazing!She’s almost as paitent as I am!


My brother Ricky is good at the dishes . He does the most homework out of all of us.He also loves to run .He’s the best runner I know!Do you have a fast brother?If you need somebody to mow your lawn.


Johnny is willy humble aft er get’s spanked. Which is which barely ever of-course .He also likes to do tying .He is also very good at it.He’s helpful some oft


Chloe likes games .She’s good at games to .She’s also good with my mom to.Chloe’s is the best in our family!She loves our family.And sometimes she when were praying to god she thank’s god for such a great mom and dad and such a great family to. Cloe is annoying but most of the time she’s the perfect child doing no homework and watching just a little bit of t.v but most of the time playing around.


Noah is my yonger brother he’s just as annoying as I am with my sister.Some times its iggnoring


Ruby is cute and she’s funny .I love how she laugh .I wish I had her laugh!She duos keep us awake tho.But when I wake up I try and try but she to cute so I can’t do it.But now that she’s older I finally can do it!


Lydia is so so so so so so so so so so cute.Even when were s outpost to listen to our mom!

Baby September

Well if it’s a boy were going to call him goergy

My Three Favorite Things

  1. My first favorite thing’s is christ
  2. my second favorite thing mom and dad
  3. my third favorite thing ashlynn

My Three Favorite Bible Verses

  1. My first favorite thing
  2. second
  3. third is

When I Get Older

When I get older I