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3 Things I Do To Make The House Run More Smoothly

So many things to do. So many ways to do them. Here are three ways I do things to make our house with 6 children 10 and under run more smoothly.

1. Set a timer. I love my little black and white timer. We have a schedule that is blocked out in 30 minute increments. We set the timer at the beginning of each 30 min. time increment and the kiddos go to their name to see what they are supposed to do during that block of time. One of my biggest tips that involves the timer is what I call: “12 item pick up!” Every time the timer goes off the kids know they need to run around and pick up 12 items. This has changed recently though. I have my 3 year old only pick up 5 things and my 9 year old checks laundry (making sure no rooms have dirty laundry in them, if they do he brings it to the laundry room. He also switches the laundry over and brings clean dry laundry out to living room where I or my 7 year old sorts it and puts it in the right room). This helps in the upkeep of the house SO MUCH.

This is the timer I have. Only $5!

This is what my daily schedule looks like. Super blurry pic but just wanted to give you a glimpse:


Here is the book I used to make up this schedule. I HIGHLY recommend it!

2. Subscribe and Save. I LOVE THIS! We hardly ever run out of: paper towels, paper plates, toilet paper etc. And I get an additional 15% off of the already low price!

Here are two tips in doing subscribe and save:
1) Make sure you check them every time you get an email from amazon saying: “Review Your Monthly Subscription Delivery”. Many people ignore this and get frustrated when the toilet paper shows up at their door and they have no place to put it because they have so much toilet paper already from the last delivery.
2) Be accurate in how often you receive the item. If you really only use some item every 3 months make sure your delivery button isn’t activated for a delivery every month. Make sense?

Here are some of my subscribe and save items:

3. Jurisdictions. Major game changer. I felt like my days were consisting of arguing over who did what. So I assigned each child (except for my 1 year old) a jurisdiction that they were responsible for every day. No, I don’t have a spinny wheel to spin and get a chore. I don’t “change it up” and have them do a different one each month to make it fair. Life isn’t fair and I am sure in the future my children will have to do the same things day in and out because that’s how life is and so, they have the same jurisdiction every day.


Ricky, age 9, has the dining room every day. Johnny, age 7, has the living room every day (and because the laundry gets dumped on the couches when clean, he also sorts the laundry and puts it in the correct rooms). Rhea, age 10, has the kitchen every day. Chloe, age 3, unloads the dishwasher every day. Charis, age 5, cleans the girl’s room (including putting all the clothes away) every day. Throughout the day I will say: “Jurisdictions everyone!” There is no confusion. They all know what that means 🙂 We automatically do them after every meal and before bed.

Love, Katie

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6 thoughts on “3 Things I Do To Make The House Run More Smoothly

  1. Hi, Katie! I hope your marriage conference went wonderfully!! 🙂

    I love this post – thank you! I use a lot of these, and I’m glad to see another mama doing the same thing (timers, etc.). I actually have been doing the “everyone puts a certain number of things away” thing that you mentioned in a post a while back for some time now – that is, since I read it on your blog! – and it’s been a big help. Thank you!!

    Have a wonderful night! Enjoy your beautiful Oregon weather while we’re roasting, LOL!!

    1. I love to hear that the pick up idea is helping! Thanks for stopping by ❤

  2. We are a homeschooling family of 11 and I just found you through Lori Alexander!I cant see your schedule at all! lol Is there a post you have done that talks about it?If not are you thinking about one? 🙂

    1. Hello! I have done numerous schedules 🙂 can you find me on Facebook at eternally minded Mamas and I will private message you a picture of it? Of our current one 🙂

      1. I don’t have a fb,but thats ok!I was just curious how another large family mama did things.Have a great day!

  3. Okay no worries! I emailed it to you. Let me know if you got it 🙂

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